CNBLUE at Gimpo Airport Today Depart to Japan


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Another epic shoot for CNBLUE airport fashion, as usual they stay casual. And I think the one who has fashion interest so much is Yonghwa, and it is true, among those four today, only Yonghwa who look chic. But then again there funny fact about short Yonghwa’s wore today because it was the same short he wore for ‘movie dating’ with Minhuk some time ago xD

Here is the photo

BNiHYsmCUAEz9R6.jpg large

[Unfortunately I forgot where I took this photo. Credit photo to the right owner *owner sorry unable to link you back*]

How is it? kkkk

Lee Jungshin and Kang Minhyuk as just usual nothing much. Jungshin still with his beloved jeans and bag and black tee of course.

Last one of course the DSQUARED2 man, hahaha yeah Lee Jonghyun along with beloved jeans too.

Well, these are the men I love and I adore so much not only because of their music but also their unique personality ~.^

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CNBLUE Mini Magazine Interview July 2013 Issue

CNBLUE Mini Magazine Interview July 2013 Issue

mini mag july 13 issue

Love, Private… etc. Which is Your Type?

Yes or No?

A or B?


Q: Which one the type of girl do you want to go a date with?

A. Cute girl    B. Beautiful girl

Yonghwa: A. I like a cute girl.

Minhyuk: Well… I like both! (Laugh)

Jungshin: Oh, Minhyuk is a bad guy!

Jonghyun and Jungshin: We’re like a beautiful girl.


Q: Which one the type of girl that makes your heart aches?

A. Clumsy girl  B. A girl who can take good care of people

Everybody: B! B!

Jonghyun: This is no doubt. (Laugh)

Yonghwa: I am a bit clumsy person, so it is better if my girlfriend is not such a person (clumsy). (Laugh)

Jonghyun: Actually, Yonghwa-hyeong is a bit clumsy outside of work…

Yonghwa: Sorry! (Laugh)

Jungshin: I like a clumsy girl but a girl who able to take good care of people is better.


Q: Are you a clean person?

Yonghwa & Jonghyun: No~~ I’m not.

Minhyuk & Jungshin: Yes I’am.

Jonghyun: Because I don’t like to clean up the room, I try not to mess up.

Minhyuk: Me neither. Even though I don’t like to clean up the room, I try to keep it clean when I have a time.

Yonghwa: Well…, looking at it objectively, my room is messy. I know that.

Jungshin: That’s true, hahaha!


Q: Which one do you want to do when you go on a date with a girlfriend?

A. Holding hands   B. Arm in arm

Minhyuk: A.

Yonghwa & Jonghyun & Jungshin: B.

Yonghwa: My hand usually sweating a lot so if I would go on a date without a conversation, it’s going to be terrible.

Jonghyun: My most favorite way is to do arm in arm.

Jungshin: When I do arm in arm with a girlfriend, it seems to feel to be together.

Jonghyun: So, it is also a good way to place my arms around girlfriend’s waist, isn’t it?


Q: Which word who make you happier if you are said by a girl?

A. You are funny guy   B. You are the reliable guy.

Everybody: B!

Jonghyun: Korean man doesn’t like to be said “you are funny”.

Jungshin: It is happier to be saying “you are reliable guy” for me. If exactly I have a sense of humor, I am also happy to be said “you are funny”.

Yonghwa: um… However, because I think both words have good meanings, I also happy to be said A.

mini mag july 13 issue2

Q: Which clothes do you want your girlfriend to wear for dating?

A.  a dress   B. Shorts

Jonghyun&Minhyuk&Jungshin: A.

Yonghwa: B. Don’t you think that only a girl who has a self-confidence can wear a short?

Jonghyun: I don’t want my girlfriend to wear shortly clothes such as shorts… But basically, a man wants to see that, don’t you think so? (Laugh) So I answered A, but I might answer B. haha.

Minhyuk: Oh, I don’t get it. In my image, a dress is prettier.


Q: Do you know all members’ love life?

Yes or No?

Yonghwa: We know but don’t know everything.

Jonghyun: Basically we don’t have secret with each other. But I don’t have interest in member’s love story. (Laugh)

Everybody: Hey! (Laugh)


Q: Which type do you want if you have a girlfriend?

A. A good talker   B. A good listener

Yonghwa&Jungshin: B!

Jonghyun&Minhyuk: A!

Jungshin: Depend on our accustomed demeanor, we have different answers!

Everybody: Wow!

Yonghwa: Because we (Yonghwa&Jungshin) are talkative, it’s better we would have a good listener girlfriend.

Jungshin: If my girlfriend were foreigner, I would answer A. I want to hear the story of foreign.


Q: Usually do you wear a perfume?

Yes or No?

Everybody: Yes.

Yonghwa: Recently, I bought new one that have smell like floral.

Jungshin: Yonghwa-hyeong is fashionable!

Yonghwa: No, I’m the country boy…

Minhyuk: I don’t like strong aroma.

Jonghyun: I have used the same one for a long time and not changed but members say it is a little like of an older man.

Jungshin: I had used several things but recently I use the one which is recommended by Yonghwa-hyeong.

Yonghwa: It is a candle aroma.


Q: Have you experienced blind love?

Yes or No?

Yonghwa: Even though it was an unrequited love, I would get to blind.

Jonghyun: Love is like that.

Minhyuk&Jungshin: We’re totally agreed.

Minhyuk: If I fall in love, I would love even their drawback.


 mini mag july 13 issue1

Yonghwa: Date Of Birth 1989.6.22  <Guitar & Vocal>

He is the eldest and CNBLUE’s leader. He is also the person who is always dependable, though, he has a mischievous side.


Minhyuk: Date Of Birth 1991.6.28  <Drum>

He is a little shy but his every effort to speak Japanese and his tender smile brings out our motherly instinct. He has a reputation as the accuracy on his drum.


mini mag july 13 issue3

Jonghyun: Date Of Birth 1990.5.15  <Guitar & Vocal>

He speaks fluent Japanese and frank, so he provides a relaxed atmosphere. A hard worker that he wants to play a guitar every day. He has beautiful skins.


Jungshin: Date Of Birth 1991.9.15   <Bass>

He is polite and attracts people with friendly smile also. He has a nice body such as a model and his leg length are incredible.

Scanned by Nuromianchaochi

Trans by Satomi @ cnboice

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Dear my lovely readers,


I made this post because I need your help. I am looking for voluntary translator since I often have difficulties when I meet Japanese or Korean article.

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I can’t believe that this weekend I’ll be dead by double big events!!! I don’t know whether I still can keep up to updating all of my sites as fast and up to date as possible but well, I’ll try my best.

Here there some compilation of CNBLUE who finally kick off their first world tour, today, April 5th they were leaving Korea to Taiwan.

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bm taiwan dept16CNBLUE airport catwalk

bm taiwan dept17Black and white guys with blue cell-phone case, what did you think Jungshin?

bm taiwan dept8Milky burning, who can resist him?

bm taiwan dept13Army leader, if only I can go along with you leader……

bm taiwan dept5Yahhh there was no Minhyuk solo photo, but I love this couple 🙂

That’s all!!!

Now just waiting for the D-day concert who will held at Taipe Arena  TOMORROW!!

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Earlier today I have a shocking news not bad one but good instead although kinda bad too to me kkk. Yes, as the title above, both of Jungshin and Minhyuk had spotted on the Korea Motor Show! Why is it bad to me? because I was scheduled to attend to the show as well if only there was no schedule conflict and it was my staff who replace me instead. If only I was there probably I can meet them haha *daydreaming*


As seen to the picture, both Jungshin and Minhyuk seems looking at something on the bike and Minhyuk shown it to Jungshin. My friend when I sent her the picture commented, though the guys wore mask both of them seem still shine! LOL

I know she was true, and now I’m guessing did somebody recognize them? I supposed so otherwise there is no picture of them of course, kkk

Actually, my notice is on their fashion. Because both of them just dressed up like the most of their official photo, so is it their stylish just mix and match the color without changing their basic fashion? They have good sense of fashion though, hehe.

I know pretty well that Jungshin is love with all-black style and so it was, he wore jeans, t-shirt and black leather jacket, so young and cool and of course it was also my favorite guys style 🙂

As for Minhyuk he wore, as usual, student style; blue jeans and grey jacket he seems stood up his collar but it was’nt seen clearly. it just how he looks like in most of his photos.

Is there any other thing that caught my eyes? Yes, there is, the rear of the Honda Repsol Motogp Team!!! Omg, it also present there and I was wondering whose bike is it, Dani’s? or Marc’s? Whoever starting today, they are already kicked off the new 2013 championship seasons.

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As we ara all know how much Lee Jungshin loves black color and in some pictures here just the another prove of it. He looks stand out with the simple yet half formal style.

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jungshin MK Fashion jungshin MK Fashion1 jungshin MK Fashion2 jungshin MK Fashion3 jungshin MK Fashion4

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