If it was yesterday Jungshin shared his dining time then today was Yonghwa who updating their twitter sharing account. This time he posed along with Minhyuk and seriously, I just soooooooo love with their pose, 🙂 they posed as if they are a rapper or street dancer, ah it should be good if there is Jungshin too, not because he is my bias but his style these days – especially – his way to wears hat just like street guys which I love.

yh mh twitter

And Yonghwa tweeted:

여러분! FNC워크샵 다녀왔어요 ㅋㅋ아 정말 즐거운 시간들이었어요! ㅋㅋ부럽지예?ㅋㅋ 사진컨셉은 워크샵패션의 완성입니다. ㅋㅋ여러분 즐거운 주말되세요!!! 헷,,

English Trans:

Everyone! We came back from FNC workshop kk Ah we had such a fun time! kk Aren’t you jealous? (Busan dialect) The theme of this picture is “epitome of workshop fashion”. kk Everyone, have a great weekend!!! Het,,

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Lee Bo Young replies to Yonghwa’s wish of wanting to act with her

Actress Lee Bo Young thanked CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa for wanting to work with her, and revealed she would also like to do the same!

As mentioned previously, on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Hello‘, Yonghwa was asked, “Who do you want to act with?“. He had answered, “I want to work with Lee Bo Young sunbaenim from ‘My Daughter Seoyoung‘. She’s so pretty. Jungshin plays her brother-in-law Sung Jae, and I want to become Sung Jae.

Lee Bo Young replied, “I saw the broadcast, so I told Jungshin to tell him thank you. I’ve met Yonghwa before at a CNBLUE concert.” She then humbly added, “But I think he just said it to promote a drama that his member was in.

When asked, “Do you want to try acting with Yonghwa?“, she answered, “I want to have a mellow drama (romance) role with him, but apparently he just wants to act as my brother in law“, with a laugh.

Source TV Daily

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CN Blue’s “I’m Sorry” is receiving a lot of attention all over the world

reblue interview3

CN Blue’s new song “I’m Sorry” is currently receiving a lot of attention all over the world.

On January 28, CN Blue’s agency reported, “There are already videos of some foreigners teaching how to play instruments with ‘I’m Sorry’ uploaded on YouTube. They played the bass guitar, guitar, and piano.”

As soon as the song was released, it topped the U.S. Billboard World Album Chart.

Releasing a new album this month, CN Blue attracted a lot of attention by writing all songs for the album and performing them live.

CN Blue will soon go on a world tour of Asia, Europe, Oceania, and North and South America.

* thought it was I’m Sorry featured in outside Korean music chart! but well, that’s okay,*

Source TV Report

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CNBlue’s Lee Jung Shin wants to be under the spotlight


Recently, CNBlue’s Lee Jung Shin revealed his desire to receive a single spotlight.

In January 25’s airing of KBS 2’s Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, the band CNBlue which is also famous for having great actors appeared as guests.

Lee Jung Shin who complained for not having enough spotlights because of the lead vocalist Jung Yong Hwa, whined, “It’s always like the camera capture us as a whole group or just him. I give my best in playing as well, but they don’t seem to realize it and put me in a single scene.”

He also confessed, “So for the performances after that, I wanted to be noticed so I added something.” What he meant was that he sang extra words at the end of Jung’s line such as “Oh” and “Ha-ah” in attempt to maximize his sense of existence.

About being dearly loved by viewers through the drama series My Daughter Seo Young which achieved 40% of the viewer ratings recently, he said, “There’s nothing I’ve done. I’m simply happy to be a part of the series.”

Besides CNBlue, the episode also featured Lee Byung Woo and Lee Jeok as special guests.

*My Baby was soooooo cute n funny, hahaha*

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