CNBLUE Lady Teaser

CNBLUE Lady Teaser





01. Lady

Lyrics by JUNG YONG HWA & Kosuke Oba

02. Don’t Care


03. Monday



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CNBLUE Arena 37 Interview March 2013 Issue

CNBLUE Arena 37 Interview March 2013 Issue


According to CNBLUE, new live song has been released!!


Q: There are only three of you (Yonghwa, Jonghyun and Minhyuk) for today’s interview.

Jonghyun: Sorry about this, because Jungshin is filming TV drama (My Daughter Seoyeong).

Yonghwa: Now he is totally an actor.


Q: All CNBLUE members have experiences to film in TV dramas, so all of you can realize Jungshin’ hard work.

Yonghwa: No…we can’t.  (Chuckle)

Jonghyun: I had experience of being an actor last year and it really had conflict between CNBLUE’s performance and TV drama. This is the first time for Jungshin, so no matter in mental or physical should be difficult for him, and we are worried about this for him. Jungshin always shows his delight and happiness to let us not worry about him. I think Yonghwa has better understanding to Jungshin and of course Yonghwa worries about him the most.

Yonghwa: No I don’t! (Strong note)

Minhyuk: Yonghwa is not joking. Yonghwa likes Jungshin more than any other team members and this is positive.

Jonghyun: During this period, Jungshin was getting excited for our re-union live performance as we didn’t get together for quite long time.

Minhyuk: Yonghwa was very clingy. He followed Jungshin around. (chuckle)

Yonghwa: No… I didn’t’ I just mad to fool him.

Samurai jungshin6

Q: The attitude of speaking and acting in one way but actually not was meaning that way is like a child who making fun of the one he likes.

Jonghyun: It’s so true. Yonghwa is not really joking.

Yonghwa: No… I’m not!!! (Insisted)


Q: Well…will Yonghwa keep saying “No” to the end of this conversation? So, let’s back to the topic.

Yonghwa: Of course, once we ended Jungshin topic, it’s not possible to say “No” for all questions.


Q: Okay, let’s talk about ‘Robot’.

Yonghwa: This song is composed by me. Most of our previous songs are positive and ‘Robot’ is a sarcastic song. I had vacation in April, and I observed people have hustle and bustle everyday. Everyone has only one body but has to do many things. Every person is just like a robot. I decided to write a song for robot and I don’t need much time, the melody and compose arrangement just came out of my mind.

Minhyuk: At first, Yonghwa let me listen to this song, and I find this is a great song. Especially, the word of ‘Robot’ is strongly lingering in my head.

Yonghwa: The point of this song is the lyrics. The lyrics describe people live in modern society can’t not realize their dreams.

Jonghyun: A Robot lyric is really wonderful. You can to get the point from the lyrics easily, and this is really great.


Q: How long does it take to produce this song?

Yonghwa: I took about 1 day to complete it. The recording was done in Japan after the final Arena Tour. So, bringing the tension of live show, the recording was done in a good and warm atmosphere.

Jonghyun: The pronunciation of ‘Japan’ is quite accurate. (Chuckle). Vocal recording was done in that time. Only Yonghwa and I were doing the vocal recording, so Minhyuk and Jungshin went back to Korea first.

Yonghwa: Frankly, it’s really lonely. (chuckle)

Q: Finally we can hear the truth.

Yonghwa: Among  the team members, Jungshin has the most positive reaction to this song.


Q: CNBLUE had performed Robot’ in last year-end live concert, the audience’s reaction seemed great.

Yonghwa: Everyone worked like a team, and it felt really good.

Minhyuk: What do you feel when hear ‘Robot’? Untill now there is no the same sound (Robot’s sounds is different from all of CNBLUE’s previous song.) So when we stand (on stage and playing it live) I’m really happy.

Jonghyun: It’s another new live song for CNBLUE.


Q: The song is like live band CNBLUE with strong power. There is a lyrics “yes” ka “no” no hibi wo, so who is the one who more straightforward to say Yes or No?

Yonghwa: Minhyuk.

Q: The answer is quite surprising.

Yonghwa: If you say or do something impolite to Minhyuk, you will be in trouble. (chuckle)

Jonghyun: Minhyuk will mocking at you forever. (chuckle)

Q: Really? Forever?

Minhyuk: Not really forever, but it will last for a long time. (chuckle)

Jonghyun: It’s really a terrible thing if Minhyuk gets angry. (chuckle)


Q: So Minhyuk is the kind of person who can’t put up with lies and not easy to compromise.

Yonghwa: We are all like that. If Minhyuk tells a lie, it will easy to detect. (chuckle)


Q: From this point of view, Minhyuk is an honest and credible person. Does he is the kind of person who unable to imagining the real world completely? (Means what he sees it’s what does happen)

Jonghyun: As for our self-written songs, Minhyuk expresses his opinions frankly by pointing out this is great or maybe it’s better to do another way.

Minhyuk: I speak out what I have been thinking and express my opinions for CNBLUE’s own good. It’s would be great if we can get better by doing this way.


Q: How about another song in this album?

Minhyuk: All songs are very good!

Jonghyun: I get nervous when Minhyuk is listening to my song. However, I feel relived when he has positive opinions toward my song.

Minhyuk: None of songs from this album is bad, including ‘ring’ and ‘starlit night’. (chuckle)


Q: Your frankness is only for music?

Minhyuk: No, it applies to all aspects. For example, if serving a dish tasted gross, I won’t eat it no matter how starving I am, and I will not go to that restaurant for the second time.


Q: Do you have high standard when it comes to food?

Minhyuk: Not really. I can eat everything who is good enough for me when we even don’t have time to eat.

Yonghwa: When it comes to eat, Jungshin and Jonghyun are picky about food.

Jonghyun: I’m really not picky about food but just have many food preferences, and basicly I don’t really like eating rice. I’m from Busan, so I like something spicy and with strong taste, but in order to have better health, I tend to have light diet outside.


Q: By the way, what food do you like to eat recently?

Jonghyun: Ochatsuke of boiled Cod roes.


Q: There is Ochatsuke in Korea as well, I supposed. By the way, who is the one not that straightforward?

Yonghwa: Jungshin. He tends to compromise and cooperate with us because he is the youngest in the team. This doesn’t mean something bad. For music, we can easily express our ideas and opinions, no special language required. However, when is comes to eating, he can always speak out his opinions. (chuckle)


Q: After all, it turns out the topic go back to Jungshin again.

Yonghwa: Jungshin is the kind person that has strong sense of existence even he is not here. (chuckle)

Jonghyun: Recently, Jungshin is a real robot now. (chuckle)



* It’s isn’t the new one but back when CNBLUE had released Robot, there many who asked about Japanese Magazine to be translated but at that time we’re unable yet, and this is one of the most request, so I present this to you all. I’m sorry and thank you for keep visiting this site 🙂 ah, and one thing, since I can’t find the scan so I put FNC’s photo promotion instead.*


Source  Arena 37 magazine

Photo Credit FNC Ent

Japanese – Chinese trans by The Stupid

Chinese – English trans by Noelle and Tara Lee @cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ bpb decoded/cnboice


CNBLUE on Yess Magazine vol 1157

CNBLUE on Yess Magazine vol 1157


January last year, CNBLUE held two consecutive solo concerts, with high standard of music; it was attracted in total more than 6000 fans. After more than a year, CNBLUE is back again! From last week, 2013 Blue Moon World Tour concert had started among the Asia countries. With a larger-scale, more shocking and more explosive, it “bombed” near 14 000 of boices’ vision with auditory. That day, CNBLUE shouted more than 10 times of “WE LOVE HK!”, “I LOVE HONGKONG!”, “ARE YOU READY HONGKONG?!” to convey their love for Hong Kong. Since CNBLUE loves Hongkong so much, they can be a tour guide to promote (sell) Hong Kong! (Joke)

There will certainly be Hong Kong in the plan whenever CNBLUE holds a concert, this allows Hong Kong boices to have chances to close up and experience CNBLUE’s explosive concert. There are a lot of boices in Hong Kong, this explains why whenever CNBLUE arrive Hong Kong, and there will be hundreds of boices in the airport to cheer them on. Last week, CNBLUE had came Hong Kong earlier for rehearsal and to attend the press conference, to share their feelings for holding a concert in Hong Kong again.

Minhyuk is thankful for Hong Kong boices’ support and promised that the concert will be exciting.

Besides holding a concert, CNBLUE will also donate the special-version of blue moon T-shirt for auction; the funds raised will be donated to the charity.



Q1: This time, there are overwhelming responses for the concert ticket, upon hearing this news, how do you feel?

Minhyuk: The first time we heard about this, we felt very thankful yet excited, we’re very happy for Hong Kong boices’ continuously support. That’s why we decided to perform well in return.

Q2: This concert is larger-scale compared to the previous one, how do CNBLUE feel?

Yonghwa: This allows me to meet more fans, thus I’ll perform a better show than the in the previous concert. 

Jungshin: This is my first time holding a concert with the name of CNBLUE; I feel that it will be a magnificent and cool performance. I hope that we can smoothly show the perfect side of us to everybody. 


“Hope that you will film MV in Hong Kong”.


Q3:  Fans hope that they can interact with their idol up close, what has CNBLUE prepared for it?

Jonghyun: We have prepared a special part for the boices. Plus we will also perform all the songs in our new album. I believe everyone will be pleased with our performance.

Q4: New album Re: Blue all the songs are personally composed by CNBLUE, how do their inspirations of composing come about?

Yonghwa:  Actually it is based on every member’s personal and unique creativity. I don’t have a fixed direction of composing, all inspirations are naturally inspired.

Q5: Title song I’m Sorry’s MV is specially filmed in London, will you consider to film in Hong Kong for the next MV? 

Yonghwa: Who knows…? Maybe! If we really film in Hong Kong, I hope we can film in the double-decker bus towards the night scenery of Hong Kong; the result will definitely turn out good.

Jungshin: Hong Kong’s night-view is so beautiful! All of us love it!

Q6: CNBLUE always try different style during the performances, but personally what kind of style do each of you likes?

Minhyuk: I’ll always coordinate with the coordinators, but personally I like simple and plain outfits.

Jonghyun: Personally, I am more sensitive when it comes to the outfits. Sometimes I will wear exaggerated outfits but normally I’ll wear T-shirt with jeans. 

Jungshin: I like accessories to match with full black suit, but this time I wore slight sharp outfits, I am surprise myself too.

Yonghwa: I like comfortable clothes, as long it as matches me, I’m okay with it.

Q7: YongHwa performed an impromptu song in Japan; will you also perform an impromptu song for Hong Kong boices?

Yonghwa: I’ll definitely perform, if I can speak Cantonese. But with Korean or English, it is already stated as “impromptu”, thus it is based on the atmosphere. If the atmosphere has feel, plus boices understand Korean, I don’t mind to performing. 

Q8: It is Jonghyun’s birthday soon, how do you wish the member will celebrate it?

Jonghyun:  It is a week before my birthday; normally members will celebrate my birthday together. 

Q9: Lastly, what do you want to say to Hong Kong boices? 

Jungshin:  Can’t wait to meet the Hong Kong boices! Hope that they will look forward to our performance; we promise to bring joy/pleasure to everyone! 

Jonghyun: Our today’s status is all thanks to fans that support us, thanks everyone! Therefore, we’ll use our best performance in return to our fans. 

Yonghwa: Every time we come to Hong Kong, our fans will welcome us enthusiastically; we’ll perform enthusiastically as well and also to bring everyone an unforgettable memory.

Minhyuk: Our concert theme is Blue Moon, as Blue Moon is a rare natural phenomena, thus it will be a special day. I hope that Hong Kong concert will be like Blue Moon and bring an unforgettable night for everyone!


From the start stimulate to the end:

Each night they had attracted more than7000 boices, both nights they attracted a total of more than tens of thousands boices. Before the start of concert, there are already lots of fans queuing early in the morning. 15 minutes before the concert had started, the fans are already all ready to welcome CNBLUE. CNBLUE first sang a rock song, ‘Where Are You’ to excite the fans, then sang ‘Get Away, ‘One time’ and Coffee Shop’. Unlike other Korean groups, they did not make use VCR time, or wore luxurious clothing’s. They turned up with a simple T-shirt plus jeans for the whole concert. Just with their singings and instruments, they filled the 2 hours concert; this proves that they are definitely one of the best bands in Korea.


Love Song:

Beside rock songs, the romantic representatives, Yonghwa and Jonghyun also led Jungshin and Minhyuk to play a touching love song; it showed their gentle and affectionate side. Firstly, Yonghwa played ‘Feelings’ with keyboard, it changed the atmosphere. Then Jonghyun played guitar to led Jungshin and Minhyuk to perform slow song ‘Love Light’ and ‘These Days’. Fans shone white lights while they sang ‘Love Light’ to create a white sea. This makes the atmosphere to be more romantic. Yonghwa can’t help but to be touched and shouted “Thank You So Much!”


30Times of Love Hong Kong:

Every time before they start singing, Yonghwa will shout ‘Are You Ready Hong Kong?!’, ‘Make Some Noise’, or ‘We Love Hong Kong’. And after singing a song, Jungshin and Jonghyun will use Cantonese and shouted something like ‘are you guys happy?’ In the 2 hours concert, CNBLUE shouted more than 30 times of ‘We Love Hong Kong’. During encore, Yonghwa kept his promise and performed impromptu song in English to thanks the fans. Although lyrics are just ‘I Will Remember Tonight’, ‘We Love Hong Kong’, ‘I Love Hong Kong’, etc. But at the end, Yonghwa added a part of beat box. Shockingly, fans screamed. Then they performed ‘Hey You’, ‘Love Girl’ and ‘Try Again, Smile Again’.



*Translator’s note: I’m not Cantonesse so forgive me if there mistake in my trans.*

Scanned by Jenna

Trans by Joelle @cnboice

Edited by Tara Lee @bpb decoded/cnboice


A rockin’ good time with CNBLUE


They rocked it out in a sea of blue at their first solo concert in Singapore.

Kpop rock band CNBLUE charmed the 8000-strong crowd at the Singapore Indoor Stadium last night (13 Apr) with an electrifying performance, which we could say is one of the best Kpop gig so far this year!

Arriving in Singapore for the second stop of their “CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour” concert, the quartet, consisting of Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Minhyuk and Jungshin, was in high spirits, and served out lots of fan service, including flying kisses from leader Yonghwa and sweet talk from all the other members.

The members took great effort to speak in English, albeit simple ones like “I love Singapore!”, “I want to be back!”, “You are the best!”. Drummer Minhyuk and bassist Jungshin even peppered their talks with Singlish, in all attempt to add an intimate touch to the concert – and that got fans screaming their lungs off the roof.

We are not exaggerating, but the atmosphere at the concert was tremendously amazing, thanks to the BOICEs (the affectionate name CNBLUE fans are known as).

CNBLUE brought the house down with a set of 23 songs, including their hit numbers “I’m A Loner”, “I’m Sorry”, “Hey You”, “LaLaLa” and “Intuition”.

Just 30-minutes into the show, Yonghwa was perspiring profusely on stage, and his hair in quite a mess. He pointed to his hair, and asked: “Is my hairstyle ok?” Fans did not mind that at all, and it was the performances of the night that really matter.

Yonghwa also showed us the comedic side of himself, revealing cute dance moves in between sets, and mimicking the voice of Homer Simpson, as he held on to the Simpson plush toys given by fans.

CNBLUE simply nailed it at their first full-fledged concert here, and the wait was worth it.

*For Video and more photos Blue Moon Singapore highlight go here*

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CNBLUE’s “Blind Love” PV unveiled

CNBLUE is getting for their new Japanese release “Blind Love” coming up later this month, and ahead of the reveal, the full PV for the track has been unveiled!

The idol band topped charts in Japan even with their latest Korean release, so their upcoming Japanese song is sure to be another hit!

This single will be released on April 24th in Japan in three versions: Limited Edition A, B, and the regular edition. The limited editions will include various footage of the PV, making-of, or their performances depending on the version.

So check out the full PV below!

Source Allkpop

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CNBlue’s “Re:BLUE” Special Limited Edition Is Sold Out


CNBlue, recently back on the music scene after 10 months, records another achievement in their list of successes. According to reports in local news agencies, the special limited edition of their fourth mini-album, “Re:BLUE” is sold out.

The “Re:BLUE” special limited edition features individual covers of each of the members Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jung Shin, as well as pictures and artwork from each of them. Each member participated in the design of his own edition.

Further reports said the special limited edition is doing well in the domestic sales charts, with the regular edition following closely behind on second place. According to a statement from CNBlue’s management agency, FNC Entertainment, “The record is doing well in the domestic charts and overseas, particularly in Japan. We have received news that it is currently out-of-stock and we are flooded with inquiries for reorders.”

CNBlue has already marked a milestone with the release of “Re:BLUE” in mid-January as it featured leader Jung Yong Hwa’s self-composed “I’m Sorry” as title track. The song, which speaks of a break-up and a love gone awry, has found a following among fans waiting for the chance to hear the band’s own compositions as promotional singles. The entire album is also made up of tracks that are all written by the band.

In addition to the release of the “Re:BLUE” special limited editions, the regular editions of the album will also debut in Taiwan on February 20 and in the Philippines on February 23.

re blue HD


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