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Photo credit CNBLUE boice Japan


Snow are falling

White flakes caps in the bare trees

Raining in white fluffy sparkling crystal

Starry tiny lamplight over the night sky

People walking under,

chatting in shiver,

but glowing in their eyes

At home,

The fire is crackling

Deliver a cozy little warmth

For a family seeing their numbers

posted by @lanhudiee

A Letter For My Dear Friend

Dear friend,
How are you today?
The season had change and so the days we’ve been through
Here I am waiting for another days we’re chatting together
Simply talking of the daily life
And joke around for the foolishness
Ah… The rainbows is too beautiful outside
Do you see the blue sky above?
It’s always pretty after the rain
Just like how you bless me with a simple word
Laughing together by a silly thing
Nothing I could say but thank you
To feed this lonely soul with beautiful songs of life
Enlighten the darkness of the silent night
And giving me a reason to stay
To live better
For offering an invisible grip
Another days coming as the other passed me by
What do I have right now?
‘Cause the butterfly can’t fly
Her wings not strong enough to winged
So how does she crossing the world?
She flies through you my dear friend
Your existance strengthen her
Build her confidence to keep learning how to fly
And trying to reach the highest summit
Will she?
She will as long as you stay beside her
Again, my dear friend
Thank you for coming
The day covers by the snowflakes
And it’s all about the good day of December
White snowy everywhere
Are you doing good my dear friend?
Enjoy the white December
I love you all!!!

Posted by @tara_lee26


This crush growing badly
As the sun finding a new day
And the warm melting the snow
With its shine, with its brightness
A new love has come before I knew it takes over my mind
This feeling growing inside
As I approaching new space to breathe
It comes along with gently blowing breeze
By his smile by his gaze
A new season has change before I knew it also changed my heart
Colouring my one and another day
Sent me the light in the darkest time
Showing the way out in every turn

posted by @tara_lee26


Night comes along with the wind
Can you see the light above there
Smiling in bright and sparkling in gaze
With tiny wink melting the icy heart
Snow flakes dropping along with the cold
Do you see how beautiful it is?
Snowy blue rain in golden twilight
With a small swaying calling up for accompany
Ah… The star and the snow come along as friend
Wiping away those teardrops
Sweeping away those lonelliness
Hey, do you realize it?

Posted by @tara_lee26


I see the star
His light is shine so bright
Warm up the chilly night
His gaze lighten up in every darkness
And he smiling and calling me
To come along
Come and fly together, he said
But how do I reach the sky?
Spread your hand and come with the wind, he replied
Let the breezy brings you up
Into your dream

posted by @tara_lee26