CNBLUE Inkigayo Special 1st Half of 2013

To close first half of 2013, CNBLUE made special appearance on Inkigayo. Sang medley Coffee Shop and I’m Sorry, the boys rock out the stage. Although still there worry ’cause Jonghyun didn’t sing as he used to be, but boice still could enjoy his intimacy with his beloved guitar xD

Here enjoy the caps and gifs from  less than 4 minutes of excitement.


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Caps and Gifs credit DNBLUE

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CNBLUE at Gimpo Airport Today Depart to Japan


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Another epic shoot for CNBLUE airport fashion, as usual they stay casual. And I think the one who has fashion interest so much is Yonghwa, and it is true, among those four today, only Yonghwa who look chic. But then again there funny fact about short Yonghwa’s wore today because it was the same short he wore for ‘movie dating’ with Minhuk some time ago xD

Here is the photo

BNiHYsmCUAEz9R6.jpg large

[Unfortunately I forgot where I took this photo. Credit photo to the right owner *owner sorry unable to link you back*]

How is it? kkkk

Lee Jungshin and Kang Minhyuk as just usual nothing much. Jungshin still with his beloved jeans and bag and black tee of course.

Last one of course the DSQUARED2 man, hahaha yeah Lee Jonghyun along with beloved jeans too.

Well, these are the men I love and I adore so much not only because of their music but also their unique personality ~.^

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Lee Jungshin, Shiwoo for Blade and Petal Official Photo


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Here official photo KBS two had release which reveal Lee Jungshin who will act as Shiwoo. These are official image and behind the scene.



Well how do you think about his image now? For me, I was sooooooo glad to see his long hair back to the screen kkkk I miss his long hair like forever lol

For me his long hair is the one who fits him very much! Though, his face looks elder now. I can’t believe that hair style does much role to his image xD


Photo credit KBS co drama

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