Tara Lee, Fans and Their Demand


Today I found something ridiculous regarding my fandom world. If you wanted to know what it was, this was about crediting title in Kris Wu soon to be release movie, Mr. Six.

Well, this started when Li Yifeng’s fans demanded to change list order in the movie credit. The things went worse when Huayi took the demand; official database in IM Global changed the order list and official trailer in China Lion’s Youtube channel removed without prior noticing.

This lead International Meigeni sparked anger. Many big fan accounts question the matter to international Mr. Six distributor and of course, soon various Kris Wu’s fanbases posted receipts mostly about how Kris Wu’s fandom would affect the movie internationally.
Meigeni international’s power was no joke, I admit that but then again, it was not our job to talk or question. Sure as fans we would like to see our bias on top of the priority but please, set your mind right.

I think crediting list was producers’ job. It was behind-the-scene thing. I was aware about movie billing and such and if you use that thing to justify, then do you even know how much percentage of Kris Wu would appear in the movie, in addition he supposed to be antagonist too. Only producers and those who involved in the movie production knew the portion. Beside, was it done beforehand?

If this billing makes you hesitate to support Kris Wu’s movie just because Kris Wu would not get the share from the box office revenue then are you his real fan? Kris Wu could not always get lead cast in his every movie. How about Mermaid? Won’t you refuse to sit at the cinema? Because he is only cameo and surely premiere counted as box office, if you go to the cinema to watch, your money you spend won’t go to Kris Wu’s pocket. How does it sound? Please be rational before makes an excused.

Huayi have absolute power to change everything and they didn’t oblige to tell fans about that. Fans demand an explanation but they have right not to respond it, it’s makes sense. On top of everything, Kris Wu has professional management to take care the matter better than we do. They know what to do without us instructed them. Kris Wu is the boss, he knows everything about the movie contract, role, paychecks and whatnot. His situation right now is different with him back then. His career developed by himself, his team member chosen by himself and if they did not say anything regarding the matter, it was because why they bother to speak up if everything already settled?

I doubt if Huayi discreet about the change toward Kris Wu’s side and even if Huayi did, I’m pretty sure Kris Wu’s side would solve the matter quietly.

As Meigeni, why were you still make fuss over everything when you bias tend to keep everything low and quiet?

I do really hope that Meigeni take chill pill and just enjoy the movie without fuss. Movie production is something beyond fans can imagine, you keep on going justice for A, justice for B, but in the end of the day it only make your fandom look bad. Kris Wu teaches us how to respect everyone and everything, why did not you go after his lead?

He kept on telling us “Do not fight the hate with hate,” it was not only hate he means, but more than that.

Can we just follow him?

Think again, no matter how much we put on pressure to producers, distributors, we have no power whatsoever to change everything, the bad side will go to Kris Wu, he was the one on the bad side and worse because his fans that put him on that place.

Maybe we think, by putting on pressure then they would listen to us. Maybe yes, but what it the bad side took them, Kris Wu would be on the difficult situation. Kris Wu well known of being polite and humble newbie in the entertainment world. Everyone acknowledge it; why didn’t we follow him?

Once again, why can we trust Kris Wu studio regarding this matter? They know everything better than any of us.

Friendly reminder to everyone takes chill pill or cool shower to cool your head down.

PS: And I’m very disappointed with my fellow Meigeni.

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