CN Blue Holds World Tour Concert in Taiwan

CN Blue was another singer that stretched out to the world in the past week, as it held its first concert of its world tour in Taiwan.

The band held its 2013 World Tour – Blue Moon on April 6 in Taiwan′s Taipei Arena, exciting 11,000 fans with its live performances and charisma.

Even in the rainy weather, Taiwanese fans crowded the venue five hours before the concert was to start.

The concert had gathered much attention not only from fans but also from the general media. The press conference held the day before on April 5 drew in many prominent local outlets, and Jung Yong Hwa made issues of his own at the event as he sang an acoustic version of his self-written track I′m Sorry.

This day the band sang songs from its Re:Blue album, including I′m Sorry, Coffee Shop, More Than You, Man Like Me and Lalala, as well as its self-written songs Where You Are, Have a Good Night, Tattoo and In My Head. It also turned up the heat with performances of the OST from Jung Yong Hwa′s drama Heartstrings, along with its hits Intuition, Loner and Love.

Fans in return showed their love by holding up placards reading ′Taiwan♥Boice (CN Blue′s fanclub) CN Blue′.

The band sang a total of 24 songs, and fans sang along to every single song being performed. They cheered in waves, and remained in their seats singing along to I′m Sorry, which played after the concert concluded.

Popular Taiwanese stars including JJ Lin, Peter Pan, JPM, Sodagreen member Shin Yi, Evan Yo and more attended the concert.

CN Blue will perform next in Singapore on April 13, then go on to Bangkok, Hong Kong and Seoul in May then Sydney, the Philippines and Beijing in June.

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CNBLUE MOON TAIWAN from the star

2013040700317_6Taipe Arena where the Blue Moon kicked off.

2013040700317_0CNBLUE with blue ocean of boice.

2013040700317_2The sexiest bassist ever!!! Lee Jungshin in action. kkkkk

2013040700317_3And I will say nothing about him, but…. Jonghyun is……………………………..

2013040700317_1Every one surely knows who he is, yes, Jung Yonghwa!!!

2013040700317_4And this is my most favorite drummer, recently he distract me badly, though still can’t replace Jungshin, hehhe.


Look at how the security officers working hard to block the boices, kkkk

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Well, Blue Moon 2013 CNBLUE World Tour already kicked off today, took place in Taipe Arena and as the second times CNBLUE rocked Taiwanese land, the show had ended succesfully. Here some snappshoot during the show, thanks to the cameramen and yahoo taiwan who did a great job in posting their stage glimpse!!!

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And, sadly there was no Minhyuk solo photo!!!

Photo credit yahoo taiwan

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Actually there many more pictures but I try to repost the officiall ones since I won’t trouble my self, kkk better safe than sorry 🙂 and I’m sorry for being unable to translate the news into english, I have deadline to catch up so I just snapping the photos. Sorry 😦

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