Comeback with Re:BLUE to Conquer the Music Scene Again

The concept of CNBLUE’s new album Re:BLUE is all-member-composed music, styles of which include modern rock, pop rock and disco rock. Plus, the release day is Jan 14, CNBLUE’s debut anniversary. Their choosing the third anniversary day, which has a very special meaning to both CNBLUE and Boice, as the release day adds to the anticipation from Boice.


It’s been a long time and they finally have the comeback. The MV this time was filmed in London. When chatting about the tidbits shooting the MV, all members say they just can’t forget the rainy days in England. They’ve heard it always rains in England but didn’t expect the non-stop rain when they actually got to film. The weather was quite chilly too. That was why the filming could not finish within planned schedule and their other plans in London had to be delayed as a result. But they were very satisfied with the product, saying all the hard work is worthwhile. It does look like this CNBLUE comeback is a big success!(Translator note: There’s this Chinese saying/belief that “water brings fortune”. The reporter’s remark means they “met water and so fortune comes”.) The band members didn’t just take part in the music recording, but also the concept photos and MV filming. Each and every detail in this album is a result of the members’ dedication and hard work. All four CNBLUE members agree that this album reveals the closest to who they really are. They like it very much themselves and expect Boice to see it as their favorite too.

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An explosion of music talent

The title track this time, “I’m Sorry”, is Yonghwa’s creation. Yonghwa talks about his own work happily, “The lyrics tell the story of a man hearing his lover saying the last sentence ‘I’m sorry’ breaking up with him. The song is about the sadness and other emotions he feels. Yonghwa explains though he was very delighted that his song was chosen, he couldn’t help feeling the pressure. And he was writing in a style not quite the same as his usual one, he was worried if Boice might not like it. So he spent especially great efforts making it, when adding a lot of pop elements to the song. Yonghwa recommends with twinkles in his eyes, “I hope everybody will get hooked at first listen!”

Minhyuk also reveals they had spent a lot of time to consider many things when planning the recordings for the album. But he is very happy that the end product is very satisfactory to all of them. Jungshin adds that “I’m Sorry” is really a song made with a lot of planning and discussion, that’s why the song gives a totally different feel compared to their previous title tracks. “Because Yonghwa hyung’s song was chosen to be the title track, I’m very happy myself. Very happy!” Not just “I’m Sorry”, but there are other songs in the album composed and written by Yonghwa. Jonghyun says his favorite among them is “Coffee Shop”. Yonghwa smiles and explains, “I usually get inspiration from my everyday life for music creation. I turned my feelings liking coffee and hanging out in coffee shops into “Coffee Shop”, but didn’t expect my bandmates to like it so much when I let them listen to it. I was a little too proud then.”

 CNBLUE’s recommendations with love


As someone who likes music a lot themselves, CNBLUE members tell the music they listen to in private. Yonghwa says when he feels the need to be healed, he likes to listen to Oasis’s “Stand By Me”. He even invites Boice to listen together, “If you need to be healed too, please listen to this song!”


Jonghyun, however, recommends all the songs in Re:BLUE. With his signature smile, Jonghun says, “But I just love the song I composed most: ‘More Than You’. (Laughs) This is a song made for the warm spring. Though spring is still a little far away, I hope you all listen to this song to make it a very warm winter!”


Minhyuk likes to listen to “Coffee Shop” of the new album a lot lately. He explains with lovely mannerism, “I remember when Yonghwa hyung let us hear the demo version, I just thought, ‘This is the best!” The melody just kept ringing in my head and I couldn’t help humming it myself. I really hope the song will be loved as much and by a lot of people as the title track. I look forward to the live performance of this song a lot too. There will be so many different ways to showcase the song. It will be so interesting!”


Jungshin says he listens to music of many genres, pop, folk, J-pop… But he is listening to John Legend’s “P.D.A.” a lot lately. “It’s actually a song that I used to listen to at night.”

Dramas besides music, eye-catching results too

colin4my daughter seoyoung

CNBLUE members are getting attention participating in dramas too. Not just “lead actor no.1” Yonghwa, Jonghyun has been the target of envy too for he had the chance to co-act with Jang Dong Gun in A Gentleman’s Dignity. Minhyuk’s My Husband Has A Family has high ratings both in Korea and Taiwan. Jungshin’s My Daughter Seoyong is having ratings above 40% in Korea now. Commenting on such good results, all members say they are very happy that each member has had favorable comments with the acting challenges. Since their debut, they’ve been interested in acting besides music. They talk about music as well as acting in between schedules. When the opportunities came, they just jumped to them and tried their best to make things perfect. Though they still have a lot of limitations in acting, they just hope what they show the viewers each time means another improvement.


Not long ago Jungshin posted on their official twitter a picture of him and Yonghwa watching the drama series he was doing (in the dormitory), creating a lot of buzz on the Net. The four happily tell us that whenever a member is in a drama, they usually gather together to ‘monitor’ his acting, and share their acting experiences. They summarize naughtily however, “Not exactly helping with skills, it’s more in the line of cheering!” (Laughs)

The little secret for great physique … ?

Compared to the time when they debuted, all four members have obviously stronger physiques now. Whenever there are new photos on this matter, Boice discuss enthusiastically. But when asked about this, the four just smile and ask, “Our physiques really get better?” But they admit they have regular exercise all this time, though not of high frequencies. And they eat very three full meals every day. All members advise, “Boice, do have the regular full meals. Health is the most important!” Then we come to fashion trend topics. All four say they don’t spend a lot of time nor money to stay at the trend frontier. But Jungshin is the one who cares most what to wear, both clothes and accessories. As he is very tall, the other members say he just looks great whatever he wears. They used to not like Jungshin’s fashion style. But he has improved so much now that the others are beginning to borrow his clothes!


 More 3-years, 30-years…

These couple of years, CNBLUE has gone to many cities. Unlike music shows or MVs, concerts are a better mean to reveal their music color, and a way for them to be close to the fans. Talking about concerts, members describe: They are proofs that CNBLUE exists, crazily. When they are meeting the fans face to face, it’s the greatest happiness they can feel as singers, to be one with the audience whenever they are on stage. The degree of happiness they feel always makes them wonder if they have actually gone crazy. But they think the moments make them feel they are the most fortunate people, because that’s when they can enjoy music most.


At their third debut anniversary, CNBLUE had their comeback to the music scene (Korean). In these three years, they’ve traveled many places, met with fans from different countries, made a lot of awesome music, completed many great stage performances, and given a lot of people many beautiful memories. They are very surprised that they have already spent three years with Boice without their knowing. It’s just because of the fans’ love that they can grow continuously. With the great love and support they’ve received, they feel even greater responsibility. They really want everybody to see CNBLUE grow even more in the future. The four tenderly pledge, “Boice, thank you! We love you! Please continue to stay with us~” Reading this, Boice must be all responding with sweet replies, in their hearts!

Source Taiwan Trendy Magazine

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[Genie] Star Interview: Re BLUE, Re CNBlue

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CNBlue returns with new album [Re:BLUE]!

CNBlue makes a comeback with their new mini album [Re:Blue], which marks ten months since their last Korean album promotion. Everyone knows that Jung Yong Hwa composed the title track “I’m Sorry” along with “Coffee Shop,” “The Guy Like Me,” “La La La,” and “Where You Are” while Lee Jong Hyun composed for “Myself More Than You.” The title track “I’m Sorry” especially brings out a refreshing and powerful sound from CNBlue. Then, shall we hear the members introduce their title track and their album?


Jung Yong Hwa: “The title track ‘I’m Sorry’ is a song with burden. The style is different than what we’ve done before so we were worried whether the fans will like it while we were working on it. I tried to put in a lot of pop in the song.”

Kang Min Hyuk: “I really liked the song so I pondered a lot about how to record it. My regrets are as big as my greed, but it’s a relief that the song is well received.”

Lee Jung Shin: “First of all, it’s a song where we put in a lot of work. It’s a song that gives off a different feeling than our other title tracks. More than anything, I really feel happy that Yong Hwa hyung’s song was picked as the title track.”

Kang Min Hyuk: “The whole [Re:BLUE] album is composed by the members. That’s why we thought of it as a new start. Our comeback date is also our debut date so it also symbolizes a fresh start.”

Listening to the members, it’s easily noticeable that they hold a fond attachment to the album and the songs. It’s probably because the whole album was composed by the members, but the album and their style has become more powerful than their previous works! Do you guys feel the same way? After putting their songs on repeat, I became interested in how they came up with this album’s concept and their thought process during the album preparation. That’s why I decided to ask Jung Yong Hwa…

Jung Yong Hwa: “It’s probably because we composed all the songs in this album, but it seems like our styles are just placed inside the album without any filtering. I think that this album probably best represents CNBlue the best right now.”


Re Born: CNBlue Reborn as Musicians

For a band, being able to compose is one of many important elements. It was mentioned before in the interview, but having all the songs in the album composed by the members must be very meaningful. I guess the best way to express it is that the band members are reborn as genuine musicians. For CNBlue, who is advancing musically one step at a time, I became more interested in their recording process methods as the interview went on. That’s why I asked the members how they composed the songs and how they went about recording them.

Jung Yong Hwa: “I think we use various methods to compose our songs. There’s a song in the album titled “Coffee Shop” and it came into existence in an interesting way. Since I really love coffee, I went to a coffee shop and wrote down how I felt. It was a song that was written very quickly, but I was really happy because the members loved it.”

Lee Jong Hyun: “If I could share a story from our recording process, it would be about when we received the guide for our title track ‘I’m Sorry.’ When we received it, the ‘I’m Sorry’ part was actually sung ‘I’m Jong Hyun, I’m Jong Hyun~’ Haha.”


CNBlue and England

What do you guys first think of when you hear the word England? Do you think of a double decker bus, the Tower Bridge or the London Eye? However, there’s something more important to talk about. It’s about English bands like the Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd and also the currently active Radiohead! England is the birth of many bands and a place where many musicians dream. I heard that CNBlue visited the country and had a special experience. It’s impossible not to ask during our interview!

Lee Jung Shin: “Rather than having a special episode, us members were super excited and were restless just because of the fact that we’re shooting a music video in England. It was an awesome experience.”

Jung Yong Hwa: “However you look at it, England is the birthplace of band music. I think that people who like and do music will have interest in England’s music scene. Of course, we’re not that much different.”


That’s right. For people who love band music, they will see England differently. There are many rock festivals held in the summer. I’m jealous of CNBlue because they’re able to go visit the country and film a music video and have a photoshoot there. I agree with “We were restless” 100%. Then, do you wonder what kind of music the members listen to on normal days? Would they only listen to bands from England? Or would they listen to music we’d never thought they would? Because I was so curious, I asked them which foreign bands they’re listening to these days.

Jung Yong Hwa: “I currently listening to music from Oasis a lot these days. I think ‘Stand By Me’ is a good song to listen to when you need healing.”

Lee Jung Shin: “I listen to Maroon 5’s ‘Just a Feeling’ often and really enjoy the emotions felt through the song.”

Lee Jong Hyun: “I’m relistening to Masterpiece’s music these days, but am also listening to Eagles’ ‘Hotel California’ often.”

Kang Min Hyuk: “I enjoy listening to Keane and Maroon 5. I especially enjoy the melody of Maroon 5’s ‘Daylight.’”

So it looks like all the members are listening to various band music. CNBlue fans can better understand band music by listening to their current bands like Oasis, Maroon 5, Eagles and Keane.


CNBlue’s Goals and Dreams

The interview will soon end. Time flew by so fast as I talked with the members about their work, recording process and stories in England. Now I want to hear about CNBlue’s goals and dreams. What are your biggest dreams?

Lee Jung Shin: “My biggest dream is for our four members to continue as CNBlue for a long time. More than anything else, I think that would be the most awesome and joyful thing.”

I think that the fans and also the readers of the article will wish for the same thing. I wish that the members will promote as CNBlue not only in Korea, but also overseas for a long time.


Jung Yong Hwa: “For this year, we’re planning to have a lot of music schedules and even overseas tours. We will also try our best to show how much we wanted these types of scheduled activities.”

Lee Jong Hyun: “When we promoted in Japan as well as other foreign countries, I feel like we were able to show that K-Pop has a lot of various colors. I have a lot of pride because of that.”

Just like what the members said, it would be great if the various music of K-Pop can be heard. It seems like today’s interview was a great interview not just for fans, but for many people. Lastly, please leave a message to the fans and readers as a close for the interview.

CNBlue: “Everyone, we’re happy that we can greet you through this interview. Thank you for loving our new album [Re:BLUE]. We’re really happy that we can share our composed songs and will work hard to provide good music and performances. This has been ‘CNBlue!’”



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