When I open my eyes in the morning
Look up through my window
Blue birds flying high
Butterflies in white floweriness of Eden
Clear blue sky, fresh pure air
What a beautiful morning

Walking down on the street
Open up my mind and look around me
Wind blowing gently
Leaves changing their colour
Clear blue sky, fresh pure air
What a beautiful season
Thank you for today

If we really thinking
Thank you is never enough
‘Cause we got a wonderful life
What kind this universe
The only word I have to say to you
Whatever going on me
Every sorrow and misery
I have stuck at nothing
‘Cause I know you will stand by me
And you really there for me
Thank you for today
For my life that you bless to me

I close my eyes in real death of the night
Start thinking over
One day goes by and another day will coming through
Wondering myself
Am I still alive tomorrow and just walk like today?
What a silent night
Thank you for today

Every breathe I have taken
Every word I have said
Thank you for today